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Accessibility declaration


We at 'Ananim' strive to provide excellent information and service, respecting and ensuring equality for every individual, without discrimination. The accessibility of our website enables us to provide full browsing experience and service to individuals with disabilities to the fullest extent possible.

Physical Accessibility:

There is no in-person customer reception. Purchases and services are conducted online, at the customer's home, the customer's office, restaurants, cafes, conference halls, or any other location adapted for service provision, solely through remote communication.

Website Accessibility:

The website accessibility is designed to make it more available, user-friendly, and convenient for individuals with special needs, arising from various motor disabilities, cognitive impairments, visual impairments, color blindness, hearing impairments, and the elderly.

Use of Accessibility Component:

This website embeds the 'Enable Accessibility' plugin, which assists in making the website accessible to individuals with disabilities.


User Guide in the Men:

Accessibility settings button and website tags for assistive devices and technologies for people with disabilities

Keyboard navigation enablement button between links on the website

Disable flashing and/or moving elements on the screen button

Enable black and white monochrome mode button for color-blind users

Sepia mode button (brown shade)

High contrast mode button

Black on yellow button

Invert colors button

Clearly highlight all headings on the website button

Clearly highlight all links on the website button

Display alternative text for all images on hover button

Display fixed descriptions for images on the website button

Disable use of readable font button

Increase font size button on the website

Decrease font size button on the website

Zoom in the entire display by 200% button

Zoom out the entire display by 70% button

Increase mouse cursor size button

Increase mouse cursor size and change its color to black button

Read mode button for the website

Display accessibility statement button

Reset accessibility settings button

Send accessibility feedback button

Change language of the toolbar and accessibility statement accordingly button


In the accessibility toolbar, there are 2 types of zoom options for your convenience, but if you want to further enlarge the letters, you can use the following keyboard functions

.The Esc key will open and close the accessibility toolbar

The Ctrl + keys will zoom in the text on the website.

The Ctrl - keys will zoom out the text on the website.

The Ctrl 0 key will reset the website to its default size.

The Space key will scroll the website down.

The F11 key will maximize the screen size - pressing it again will restore it back.

For the avoidance of doubt:


We are committed to making our website accessible to all people, regardless of their abilities and disabilities.

On this website, you can find the appropriate technologies for your needs.

This site is intended for use by the entire population to the fullest extent possible.

You may encounter elements that are not accessible because they have not yet been adapted or suitable technology has not been found. We guarantee that we make every effort to improve accessibility at a high level without compromise.

If you experience difficulty using the site and viewing its content, we apologize and would greatly appreciate if you bring it to our attention.

We are accessible and ready to assist with any inquiry or problem that hinders someone's navigation on the site.

For any questions or issues, you can contact me using one of the convenient methods for you:
Phone: 0528303511

The accessibility statement is valid as of the date: 6.6.2021

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